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If you want to lose weight then increasing the amount of daily exercise you do is a great idea but you must remember that you’ve also got to eat properly. The two things definitely need to go hand in hand when you want to lose a little excess weight.

There is a rule here – you get fit in the gym but you lose weight in the kitchen – it doesn’t actually matter how many miles you run in a week if you keep treating yourself with a jelly donut when you’ve finished. Actually, if you don’t eat the right type of stuff you won’t be able to maintain an intense exercise program anyhow.

We’ve all heard those poor, misguided souls who say “I can eat whatever I like because I hit the gym three times every week” – wrong. Some people just don’t realize how quickly you can eat an extra 500 calories (less than a minute) and how long it takes to work those calories off with exercise.

If you take part in a high energy, intense cardio exercise program you will probably burn off around 40 calories in three minutes. Let’s do the math; it’ll take around 40 minutes of intense exercise just to burn off those calories assuming that you have the energy to keep the pace up for 40 minutes.

If you really want to lose weight you’ve got to follow a few simple rules;

” Eat smaller portion sizes – buy smaller plates if you think it will help. Most of us eat portions which are far greater than we need anyhow – it’s all down to the “Supersize that” culture.

” Re-educate yourself to eat five or six smaller meals every day instead of three large meals – that can help too, remember that they’ve got to be small meals though.

” Eat plenty of lean proteins to help fill you up and give you the energy for exercising without piling on any extra pounds – plenty of skinless turkey and chicken, salmon, tuna, lean beef, egg whites

” You can eat fats, just make sure that they are healthy fats – extra virgin olive oil is about the best there is

” Drink lots of water and limit the amount of soda – soda and fizzy drinks are full of sugar and empty calories – they keep piling on the weight without giving you any goodness whatsoever. Water is the secret to quenching your thirst.

” Say no to alcohol or at least reduce your alcohol consumption. If you must have drinks try wine instead of beer which should help a little.

” Start tracking your calories – not of the stuff you think you eat and drink but of the stuff that you do actually eat and drink. You may find that there’s a huge difference in the two.

Remember, increase your daily exercise and stick to these basic weight loss rules and your weight should soon start dropping off. You’ll feel slimmer, fitter, healthier, happier and have lots more energy.

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